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If you like to have a fast tan for an important day, you can get it thru a tanning bed. You just need to follow some special systems to attain it. This article offers some tips that will help you tan fast thru the employment of a tanning bed. Exfoliate your skin very well the night before using the tanning bed. This process helps to remove dead skin cells and can be performed by using an exfoliating scrub while taking shower.

When the dead skin cells get eliminated, the skin can tan more regularly and fast. Employ a tan accelerator lotion to your skin just before getting onto the tanning bed. This lotion increases the rate of darkening of the skin. You may also use this lotion with a bronzer to extend the color depth and glow. Inquire from the salon staff about the tanning bed having the latest bulbs. Suntan centers have a schedule to switch the light bulbs fixed on the tanning beds.

Employing a bed that has newer bulbs can help you to get darker skin in smaller time. Employ a tanning bed having more light bulbs. Salons typically have many sorts of models and some models consist of more bulbs than others. A bed comprising of more bulbs can help to give a quicker and darker skin texture. Fix appointments for 3 sessions a week or with an opening of one day.

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The more often you use the tanning bed, the earlier you can achieve results. As the quantity of time you can lie on a tanning bed is limited, skyrocketing the frequency of visits will help you to get a quicker tan. Employ a moisturizing lotion on the skin after each session of using the tanning bed.

A lotion containing vitamin E can help to tan fast and keep the skin healthy. The abovementioned tips should help you to get a fast tan employing a tanning bed. However, in this process you mustn't forget the ordinary preventative measure such as wearing goggles and keeping the maximum time of a tanning session to 20 mins.

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