12 years after its initial lunch, the affinitiz platform is going to close on april 30th, 2014. It was a hard decision to take but the revenues never caught up. For more information, please read this blog post (in french).

Cipto Junaedy

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Cipto Junaedy with its strategy of buying a property without a lot of debt able to pound the Indonesian property business world. Cipto Junaedy able to make a great strategy as well as easy to understand by all people. Even every 42 days, Cipto Junaedy provide a home or homes worth the money to those in need. This is not another because of the strategy he created really been proven. With this success, Cipto Junaedy want to share the success that he achieved by giving a free seminar hosted by him directly. As well, Cipto Junaedy also has written books published by PT. Gramedia Pustaka Utama with themes about buying property with no debt and a lot of the book has always been a national bestseller. Cipto Junaedy

As we all know, starting a business in the field of property is not an easy thing. If you start a new business in the property, will have a variety of difficulties that may not be solved. In fact, many beginners in the property business loss because they do not have a strategy in the property business. It is in the business of telling srtategi property requires to be successful, therefore the following seminars or reading books on business property is the right choice. That way, we will know the gaps and a great strategy to start a property business. Cipto strategy Junaedy

Talking about property buying strategies, Cipto Junaedy a mentor who has experience in the field. With professional experience that he had lived for many years, Cipto Junaedy able to create a great strategy to buy a property without a debt that has been tried successfully in many people. For a dozen years, Cipto Junaedy experienced in corporate, finance, and business, both in the manufacturing, services and trading. Concentration field is debt restructuring, merger and acquisition, corporate budgeting, valuating company, strategic tax planning, haircut, banking, capital expenditure, a comprehensive strategic financial planning, as well as the public corporation reporting, issues management and shareholders.

With incredible experience, as well as the mission of "every man has a property of at least some of their children, and teach family responsibility" then he gave the teaching of business property without debt for all people through seminars that often he regularly held in various cities in Indonesia . As in argued above, Cipto Junaedy also has written a book that became the National Mega Best-Seller available at Gramedia bookstores throughout Indonesia. There are several books including Many Strategies Buying Property Without Money Without a mortgage, I Need Waiting for Lean, 6 Months Can Buy Property KONTAN! Without Money Without a mortgage, I Need Waiting for Italic, and Strategy and Franchise Business Buying Without Money Without Debt.

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